Pelican Post Template Controls

How to selectively show comments block


This post will cover how to control templates from articles. In specific, how to enable or disable comments block in posts.


We are using Pelican static website framework with Pelican Comment System. However, we wanted to disable for some of the articles …

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SSH Made Easy Using Python Subprocess

Subprocess Module


Python's subprocess module makes it easy to invoke external commands on localhost. It can also use SSH to invoke commands on remote hosts.

How simple?

The short answer is, very simple!

The longer answer is,, as follows:

result = …
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Astrophysics Research Python Programming

The Productive Research


Recently I helped a group of astrophysicists convert a set of IDL programs to Python. This set was to classify stars by analyzing ROTSE-I and ROTSE-III data. In this insert I would share the experience of moving IDL code to python. The insert is only attempt …

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Python Ordered Class

Maintain Ordered of Fields in Class


We saw many questions on the WEB regarding having Python class maintain order of its fields. Reason being that __dict__ is dict, therefore, class doesn't register the order of the fields presented to it.

We decided to share our version of such a …

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