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Cobol is a structural language with many years of maturity. It was built for business use, and it is used as that for a few decades now. So why to move away from it? Let's start with that Cobol is a great language with many features for data processing. It is used in many core business processes. So core and critical that companies afraid to touch it due to the risk of impairing their business. Cobol has a solid environment for development, test, and run since late 50's.

So really, why to convert? There is plenty of information with conflicting advice to either stay with or move out of Cobol. Rather try to weigh in on such discussion, here are a few drivers that lead companies to consider moving on.

In reality, stay or convert is a business investment with long term vision. As such, it needs to be incorporated into your company's long-term business goals and objectives.

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